Magic… up close !

Jonathan specializes in close-up magic: magic that happens right in front of the spectators' eyes. Magic on television is impressive enough, but , nothing is more magical than seeing the impossible happen under your very nose.

Here are the different available formulas. They can be adapted and/or combined. According to the number of guest and to your organization, it is our pleasure to sit down with you to come up with the formula which best suits your needs.

Cocktail – Walkaround

Your guests are standing up and walking around in an informal setting. Jonathan will weave among them and move from one group to another, making sure everyone enjoys the magic.


Your guests are sitting at tables, around a nice dinner. Jonathan will pass around the tables between the courses and will entertain each of them successively. With a snap of the fingers, he’ll turn the most sceptical into enthusiastic participants.

The close-up show

The ideal formula for small groups (under thirty). An intimate magic show, staged right in amongst the audience members. Shows can last be either half an hour long, or two twenty-minute sessions. .

Magic table

This option is particularly suited for the very large-scale events and/or groups, when simultaneous activities take place. Jonathan then sets up in one location where people gather around him at will, in small groups.